Mystical Egypt

Journeys Through Time

With Katrina Valenzuela

Multimedia Presentations On The History, Monuments, and Peoples Of Ancient Egypt

Schools, Libraries, Civic Groups; choose a presentation on any of the following topics:
Mythology, Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt
Pyramids, Temples and Tombs
 Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt
 Folkloric Dances of Egypt with Performance

Make Ancient Egypt come alive for your students with this unique program.  Katrina has spent a lifetime immersed in Egyptian culture and mythology.  She has personally led over 45 tours to Egypt since 1986 and has a wealth of knowledge and stories to share about this timeless and fascinating land.

 Cape Cod Community College, Arts and Communications Dept; Middle Eastern Culture & Dance. Language Dept; Conversational Arabic
To book your event, please contact professor Valenzuela at
Letters of Recommendation available upon request.


Soul Journey Workshops

Sunday afternoon workshop series with Katrina at
Healthsigns Center
Route 6A, YarmouthPort, MA

Held on the last Sunday of each month,
each with a different topic.

Please send email to be on the list for upcoming workshops.